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Sitting on Jesus’s Lap: Life on Earth

The first book I have ever read was the bible from cover to cover, which lead me to different types of ministries in my Christian walk.

In 2010, I was teaching a men’s bible study and the topic of this particularly study was called Sitting on Jesus’ lap. A place where you can go when life takes you on a roller coaster.

As humans, we can find ourselves living a so-called life that leads to emptiness, no matter how much power we possess on earth.


A new book coming soon!!!

Troy Louis gives you another gift from heaven.  Honor God With Your Body helps you know who you really are apart from who they may have tried to be.  God has freely given everyone everything they need from birth and His desire is for us to use our talents, gifts, and abilities to our highest potential. To live a life free of comparing and trying to be like someone else. People may seem perfect on the outside but in reality they may be miserable on the inside behind closed doors. This book is designed to protect you from you and other bad advisors. To put the joy back into our minds about ourselves, so we can love ourselves again!

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Sitting on Jesus’s Lap

Sitting on Jesus’s Lap

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